Research completed  

Teacher Fellowship :  University Grant Commission 
Duration : Two Years

The title of the Ph. D. Dissertation : "The Philosophy of Prof. S. S. Barlingay : A Critical Survey " 

 Abstract  Of  The Thesis  

Supervisor : Prof. Dr. Pradeep P Gokhale, Department of Philosophy, University of Pune, Pune.

Examiners : Prof. Ashok Vohra, HOD, Department of Philosophy, JUN, Delhi
                     (Late) Prof. S. P. Dube, HOD, Department of Philosophy Jabalpur University, Jabalpur.    
Current Research Programs 
Awarded Two Research Projects  in the current academic year 2012 : 
1) Major Research Project    


FUNDING AGENCY : U.G.C.DURATION : TWO YEARS :  2012 - 2014  Amount : Rs. 3,65,000=00   Status : Accepted : 

2) Minor Research Project : 
Title : Media Ethics 

Funding Agency : U.G. C. Duration : Two years :  2012 - 2014 Amount : Rs. 1,25,000=00, Status : Rejected.

Papers presented  

1. "Social Media in context to Rousseau's Social Contract And Gandhian Media Ethics : A Perspective"      Revisiting Rousseau  @ S. P. College, Pune,  Three Day Interdisciplinary National Seminar. 4th to 6th September 20122. 

2.  A Perception of Media in PBAS And API " Best Practices in Quality Enhancement in Higher Education Institute " Two Day NAAC Sponsored National Conference  24th to 25th August 2012

Papers in PhilPaper 

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