Shriniwas Hemade श्रीनिवास हेमाडे

Research completed  

Teacher Fellowship :   University Grant Commission 

Duration : Two Years

Ph. D. Dissertation : 

The Philosophy of  Prof. S. S. Barlingay : A Critical Survey  

Supervisor : 
Prof. Dr. Pradeep P Gokhale, Department of Philosophy, University of Pune, Pune. 

Current Research Programs 

Awarded Two Research Projects  in the current academic year 2012 : 

1) Minor Research Project : 

   Title : Media Ethics 

  Funding Agency : University Grant Commission 

   Duration : Two years :  2012 - 2014 

   Amount : Rs. 1,25,000=00 (One Lakh Twenty Five Thousand only)

2) Major Research Project    

  Title : The Philosophy Of Media : Issues and Perspectives

  Funding Agency : University Grant Commission 

   Duration : Two years :  2012 - 2014 

   Amount : Rs. 3,65,000=00

Accepted : 

The Philosophy Of Media : Issues and Perspectives

Papers presented  

1. "Social Media in context to Rousseau's Social Contract And Gandhian Media Ethics : A Perspective" 

      Revisiting Rousseau  @ S. P. College, Pune,  

     Three Day Interdisciplinary National Seminar.

     4th to 6th September 2012

2.   A Perception of Media in PBAS And API 

      Best Practices in Quality Enhancement in Higher Education Institute 

     Two Day NAAC Sponsored National Conference

      24th to 25th August 2012